Installing cygwin (was openssh)

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Mon Mar 20 15:13:23 UTC 2006

I haven't installed Cygwin using WindowEyes but have with Jaws. When you get 
to the component selection screen you have to use the mouse to examine the 
lines. Each category of packages is followed by the word "default" which 
means that none, some or all of that category might be installed for a base 
system depending on how the creators set it up. Clicking on "default" cycles 
through the other choices, such as Install, remove, and perhaps others. 
There are a couple graphics on each line, one (at least) of which opens the 
category so you can see which packages are in it. There's a scroll down 
symbol to the right of the last or so category or package on the screen. 
This goes down by only one line but at least it goes down. There are left 
and right scrolling symbols on the line below that so you can see more of 
the package descriptions; most of these fall off the right edge of the 

Leaving everything at default gets you a good small system and doing this 
should be the first step when starting a new installation of Cygwin. Once 
that is done you can install everything (it only takes a couple GB) by 
clicking on the "default" next to the "all" category which changes it to 
Install, or you can sift packages if you have the need and energy.

It's not the best installer in the world, but once you get used to it you 
can get things done. I use Cygwin for SSH all the time.


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