Linux Screen Reader 0.1.0

Hans Zoebelein hzo at
Fri Mar 24 15:18:14 UTC 2006

Linux Screen Reader

A scriptable screen reader for the Linux GNOME desktop environment.

The Linux Screen Reader (LSR) is an application that transforms the
contents of the computer screen to other media, enabling non-visual
access to the graphical Gnome desktop environment. The basic function of
the screen reader is to report changes in the state of an application as
a user interacts with it using the keyboard or other system input
device. What is reported to the user and what commands are available for
controlling the screen reader are determined by cascading scripts that
completely define the user experience. The scripts can be loaded and
unloaded by the user at run time, and custom scripts can be written to
improve the usability of certain applications and interactions.


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