Dan Rossi dr25 at
Mon Mar 27 20:39:12 UTC 2006


I have downloaded and installed Cygwin but could use some advice.  If I 
ssh into a Solaris box, I cannot run things like Pine as I get terminal 
type cygwin is unknown.  I tried rxvt but then using JAWS, JAWS can't seem 
to find the cursor as it doesn't blink.

Are there any settings for JAWS or cygwin, or switches for rxvt that will 
allow JAWS to track the cursor?  Or, any other suggestions for windows to 
UNIX box connectivity?  I've tried open ssh, the latest version of Exceed, 
Secure CRT, and believe it or not, a modern version of Kermit.  None of 
them speak quite right.  they all have problems tracking the cursor, or 
tend to put in blank lines where none exist, or ignore them where they do 

Actually, I very much like the cygwin concept, slick commandline access to 
my windows box.  If I can get it to function properly connecting across to 
my UNIX boxes, I'd be quite happy.

Any suggestions, tips, or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Blue skies.
Dan Rossi
Carnegie Mellon University.
E-Mail:	dr25 at
Tel:	(412) 268-9081

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