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Mon Mar 27 20:55:27 UTC 2006

I have cygwin and WindowEyes and did a brief test.  I was able to log
into my Linux box and briefly use VI and the cursor was still blinking
and seemed to be in the right place.  I cannot speak for Solaris, but
maybe -- I just checked cygwin is indicated inmy terminfo, so that is
maybe why this is working.

on Monday 03/27/2006 Dan Rossi(dr25 at wrote
 > Hello,
 > I have downloaded and installed Cygwin but could use some advice.  If I 
 > ssh into a Solaris box, I cannot run things like Pine as I get terminal 
 > type cygwin is unknown.  I tried rxvt but then using JAWS, JAWS can't seem 
 > to find the cursor as it doesn't blink.
 > Are there any settings for JAWS or cygwin, or switches for rxvt that will 
 > allow JAWS to track the cursor?  Or, any other suggestions for windows to 
 > UNIX box connectivity?  I've tried open ssh, the latest version of Exceed, 
 > Secure CRT, and believe it or not, a modern version of Kermit.  None of 
 > them speak quite right.  they all have problems tracking the cursor, or 
 > tend to put in blank lines where none exist, or ignore them where they do 
 > exist.
 > Actually, I very much like the cygwin concept, slick commandline access to 
 > my windows box.  If I can get it to function properly connecting across to 
 > my UNIX boxes, I'd be quite happy.
 > Any suggestions, tips, or tricks would be greatly appreciated.
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