dual boot

Aldo blinuxman at tuxfamily.org
Tue Mar 28 12:55:53 UTC 2006

On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 06:32:40AM +0000, Rinaldo wrote:
> Hello
> I am new to Linux and have a few questions.
> 1. I dual boot with default windos98/dos and fedora 2.
> 2. How can I change this default from time to time? Can I do it from within
> winn98/dos or Fedora 2?
> 3. Can I switch from within win98/dos or fedora2, to the o/s I wish to use?
> 4. Or can I make a floppy and boot from it and then make a dicition to witch
> o/s I wish to use?

Install grub from within your Linux distro, and put some beeep code to 
hear when you are at the boot: prompt, then you choose with arrow keys 
down/up which system you prefer to boot.


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