Question about latest Speakup modified Fedora

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Nov 2 15:55:36 UTC 2006

Jude DaShiell writes:
> What would be a good rsync command line to use say to download the five 
> FC-6-i386.iso files from the current directory on 

rsync -av*disc?.iso

> Also i you do a line like rsync -l to get the 
> available distributions, how would you extrapolate the path on 
> to those files?

Your example is missing the double colon. Add that and I think it
becomes abundantly clear how to work out the path:
rsync -l
ftp             whole ftp area
incoming        Anonymous Upload Area
a11y            A11y files
speakupmodified Speakup Modified Fedora files

Then, you would do:

rsync -l

and so forth.


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