Starting Brltty in Console

Teresa Cochran flyingfox692003 at
Wed Nov 8 02:06:41 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I've used various distributions and gotten Brltty to run before, but I may
be misremembering the command. I'm using a Ubuntu live CD and I gather I 
must run
Brltty from root. I open the console with control-alt-f1 and type the 
(I'm using a Braille Lite 40 on serial port 1)

sudo brltty -b bl

At boot prompt I've tried this:

linux brltty=bl

Neither method gets results on the display, although from the command line 
prompt, I get the message: "linux screen driver" while using the Orca 
screen-reader in a terminal. Am I doing something wrong? I have baud rate
set to 9600.


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