Compiling TR Player with FC6?

Aldo info at
Thu Nov 9 07:58:46 UTC 2006

On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 10:04:54PM -0500, Janina Sajka wrote:
> Hint: The 8.0 RealPlayer used to be, and probably still is, available on
> the Speakup ftp site.

And for those who use Debian: you can simply use Christian Marillat's 
mplayer, w32codecs and realplayer 10 simply by adding his repository to 
your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb stable main
(stable or testing or unstable, depending on the proper distib)
then performing:
apt-get update && apt-get install mplayer w32codecs realplayer 'enter'


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