Italian espeak and speakup

Rinaldo guelpa at
Sat Nov 18 04:43:44 UTC 2006

Hello Friends
I use Fedora 3 and espeak-1.16-linux.
I need some help with the above, I am using espeak to get the Italian
language and did create a file that speakup need to read the info on the
screen when I need to look at a letter or sign in this list from 0 - 255
there are a few letters and signs I need the correct Italian names for
I also have a problem with 'j' if I type it it will say 'iulga' but if I now

press numpad 8 or
5 to hear it again it I hear 'j' and not the Italian for 'j' if
I now press the numpad 2 it will say 'iulga' the correct sound for 'j'.
speak -vit "j"
does not give the correct name of 'j' in Italian.
If someone can help please contact me directly at
guelpa at
Best wishes

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