File-sharing packages

Hart Larry chime at
Thu Oct 12 03:55:10 UTC 2006

Well, Jan, I have used 2 in linux.  I had tried overnet, but while I did find 
unique content, I found the fact that I could only issue 1 command at a time. 
For example, if I saw 9 items in a list which I wanted, I had to issue 9 
download commands.  Last I tried, I couldn't run Overnet any more.
Even as we speak, I am running mutella0.4.5  Mutella is quite easy to 
understand, unlike overnet, I can for example type
get 1-9
and all those will be in my que.  Most of the commands have help--and Max is 
helpful in writing with suggestions, however, he is not actively developing any 
I have another one called soulfind, but it takes some configuring.
O, about mutella, you may have some gcc issues?  Hope that helps

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