gentoo installer program

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Mon Oct 16 09:56:08 UTC 2006

Admitedly I stressed the installer by trying to do an emerge of 
gnopernicus on it along with other packages.  Nonetheless, I don't think 
that throwing an exception because a package couldn't be downloaded and as 
a result of that thrown exception leaving the install in a broken state 
was all that useful either.  Probably all linux installers that will 
depend on the internet to be a source of packages should have a --resume 
switch that can be used with them so that if a site is down or unavailable 
another installation attempt can be made later. The problem is no clear 
reason for throwing that exception was given, so it could just as easily 
be the file for download no longer exists either in that directory; the 
file was renamed, or the file no longer exists on that site.  As things 
stand, I have no way of knowing and neither do the people who wrote the 
installer since they did not collect bug information and information about 
the computer as well as what was trying to be emerged and from where from 
my computer automatically.  The internet connection certainly was open, 
it's just that the capture never happened.  So much for emerge; I've had 
occassion to use yum in my time and slaptget and aptitude on different 
flavors of Linux I've had installed here over the years and I'm not 
impressed with emerge at all.  I have a subscription to slackware, so do 
support the Linux community on some level at least but I don't plan on any 
gentoo donations any time in the near future at least.  It would be a 
questionable investment at best and an outright loss otherwise.

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