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Janina Sajka janina at
Mon Apr 2 00:14:40 UTC 2007

Hi, Krister:

Krister Ekstrom writes:
> Hi Janina,
> Do you know a good howto that one can read up for working with Ecasound?
> As i understand it, the command line syntax is very very longish and
> complex.

True, but then isn't any powerful tool copmplex? Whether command line or
gui? The learning strategy, imho, is to divide and conquer. Pick basic
tasks and focus just on those for starters.

Probably the most important concept to grapple with early is the concept
of chains in ecasound. I think of them as being very much like a network
of wired modules that perform a particular task on an input or an

Also, you should understand that you can run ecasound in its own shell,
if you wish, which can help ameliorate the long complex commands from the cli.

I have not found any particular HOWTO docs beyond those that come with
ecasound to be particularly helpful. While the man page is long, it's
reasonably thorough, imho. And, there should be additional docs in
/usr/share/doc/ecasound-[version] including tutorials and examples. I
learn the most by looking at examples myself.

Lastly, also notice that some ecasound functionality is broken out into
stand alone tools for things like converting file formats, normalizing,
and even for simply playing audio. So, also do an 'man ecatools' 



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