lx screen driver and big5

coscell at mail.batol.net coscell at mail.batol.net
Tue Jan 9 05:27:00 UTC 2007

On Mon, 8 Jan 2007, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > Because screen driver of brltty lx couldn't read Chinese console
> Mmm, this _should_ work.  What result do you get exactly?

While running zhcon (zhcon.sourceforge.net/), brltty just display
"trying fbdev driver" on top of screen. Then any output on screen doesn't 
appear on braille display.

> Do you load any particular font for chinese?

According to zhcon.conf:
ascfont = font/asc16.bpsf
gbfont = font/gb-16.bpsf
gbkfont = font/gbk-16.bpsf
big5font = font/big5-16.bpsf
jisfont = font/jis-16.bpsf
kscfont = font/ksc-16.bpsf

> Could you
> - output some big5 text on, say, virtual console 2
> - send us the content of /dev/vcsa2
> - send us the big5 text that should have been displayed

What commands should do for these?

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