FC-6 speakup install failures

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Sat Jan 13 04:42:23 UTC 2007

these happened on both an old Dell machine circa 1999 a dimension dsx I 
think and a new amd athelon-64 computer.  The same error hit both machines 
on the same file and does so on different files when install office 
productivity is unchecked.  Then it happens on vim-enhanced.  What it is 
is a claim that a disk is corrupt and a request to insert disk -99 on a 
retry.  Fedora didn't make that many disks.  Also, the media check was run 
on every disk I downloaded with some very aggressive integrity checking 
options in rsync from that site.  wget -b FC-6-*.iso did not download any 
changes or additions either.  I am not unique in having this problem but 
may be unique in terms of the quantity and diversity of machines this 
error happens on consistently.  The amd athelon-64 emulates 32-bit 
operations well enough to run windows xp when I have the windows xp disk 
inserted.  Given operating system conflicts I've opted for the use of 
drive sleds to prevent anymore fighting.

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