braillenote under linux

Dave Mielke dave at
Mon Jul 2 18:06:56 UTC 2007

[quoted lines by michaelweaver on 2007/07/02 at 18:33 +0100]

>Does the Braillenote need to be connected to the PC during a Linux
>installation before it can be used?

I don't understand your question. If you want to use it during an install then,
of course, it must be connected during that install. If you just want to use it
later then you just need to connect it later. The application which makes it
work as a braille display is brltty, so you really only need it connected while
brltty is running.

>Also will I need to select any keywords or serial port for the

You'll need to tell brltty which serial port your BrailleNote is connected to. 
You can do this via brltty's -d option or via its braille-device configuration
file directive. Specify something like: serial:ttyS0

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