M-audio cards and ubuntu.

Anders Holmberg anders at pipkrokodil.se
Sat Jul 7 10:44:18 UTC 2007

Well i have but if its possible i'd rather use my m-audio card.
Can it be used at all?
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> On Tue, Jul 03, 2007 at 03:02:44PM EST, Anders Holmberg wrote:
>> Istehere any alsa driver or other driver for this card bundled with the 
>> ubuntu live cd.
> I'd say this card is likely to be supported, but many high-end  cards do 
> not allow the use of, or do not work well with the 11025hz sample rate 
> that most speech synthesizers use to produce speech.
> For example, my M-Audio Delta 1010LT takes a long time to play audio 
> from eSpeak, festival, or flite, because it is a high end card.
> If you have another sound card, or on-board sound handy, I would suggest 
> you use that.
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