audible graphs and sound synthesis on linux

Peter Rayner peter.rayner at
Wed Jul 25 21:44:42 UTC 2007

I'm contemplating rescuing some very old work I did on a NextStation
for audiolisation of simple line graphs.  Very simple idea, time to
represent the abscissa and frequency (probably note value from
experience) the ordinate.  Different left-right position would enable
several lines and there's always the possibility of modulation for
mimicking line styles.   I'd like this to run on Linux, be pretty
broadly available and fairly easy to interface to programs that
produce such data, such as R, gdl and the numerous python data
analysis packages.  

Two questions:
1) Am I reinventing the wheel?
-- 2) Does anyone have a recommendation on sound synthesis?  Last time
I used the MusicKit which, afaik, has been ported but it's a pretty
big hammer for basic monotone synthesis and possible modulation.  Does
anyone have another suggestion for a package that
a) works with ALSA
b) Does what I need and
c) Doesn't impose a big instalation burden on users.

I will, of course, make the resulting code (if I finish) freely
thanks in advance

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