Building edbrowse on Debian

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sun Jul 29 03:30:03 UTC 2007

gcj if it's installed on debian won't work.  What may start working and 
get you the rest of the way home is installing all of the java stuff from 
sun.  you'll need the sdk and rtk and I suspect java access bridge for 
linux too at a minimum.

On Sun, 1 Jul 2007, Martin McCormick wrote:

> I thought for a while I might get edbrowse-3.2.1 to build since
> the README file mentions Debian, but I think we are running in
> to the thing I call the orphan syndrome. So much stuff has
> changed since the code was written that it is hard to find what
> you need to safely build it.
> On my Debian system, I needed to install libpcre-ocaml-dev
> to get libpcre-development functionality. You can't really find
> a libpcre package as such, but the one I did install quieted
> things down and solved the first missing library problem. Then,
> I hit the wall.
> jsdom.c:13:19: jsapi.h: No such file or directory
> 	It gets a lot worse from there.
> 	I did manage to get the Mozzilla javascript library
> mentioned in the edbrowse README file. The link to it is no good
> any longer, but a google search turned up the fact that it is
> still on the Mozzilla site but in a different directory.
> 	I got it and followed the directions in README which read:
>> Expand this in /usr/local.
>> It will create a directory js.
>> Go into js/src and run
>> gmake -f Makefile.ref
> Another buzzer! gmake doesn't exist so I just tried make.
>> This should build everything you need.
> 	Well, it kind of looked okay in that there were no
> errors.
>> cd Linux_All_DBG.OBJ
>> ln -s `pwd`/ /usr/lib/
> that's where I chickened out because there is already a file by
> that mane. I had installed spidermonkey which is a Debian
> package when building elinks so it is really there already and I
> think that edbrowse found it since the first errors seem to be
> related to things that aren't as they should be according to
> what edbrowse is expecting. If I change the link, this will
> more than likely break elinks next time it runs.
> 	Anyway, that's the health of edbrowse at this location.
> It looks like a pretty neat thing if it can build.
> Martin McCormick
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