Notebooks and Distros

Tim Keenan tkeenan79 at
Fri Jun 8 05:04:17 UTC 2007

Hi all,
First off, if there's a better spot to ask this, please let me know.

I just tried to install the Ubuntu Feisty Live CD without sighted 
assistance on my Asus notebook.
I got a few seconds passed the accessibility selection and it stopped 
cold.  Someone told me the screen was completely blank.
Hah, did I hink that was going to be easy?  Apparently Ubuntu doesn't 
work well with Asus notebooks, especially the sound.
Does anyone know of notebooks that work particularly well with a certain 
flavor of Linux, preferably one that's not too cumbersome to set up?

  I just bought this notebook a week ago, so it's not too late to return 
it.  Of course, I'd rather keep it if possible.

Thanks, all.


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