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Emacspeak's exception dictionaries are implemented in the
emacspeak layer, not in the speech server. So though yasr will
work with the emacspeak TTS server for Viavoice (AKA TTSynth)
that wont give you exception dictionaries.

That said, you'll get good quality output and if you're running
an ALSA capable system, it'll let you use TTS in conjunction with
other apps that play sound e.g. mp3 players.

>>>>> "Hart" == Hart Larry <chime at hubert-humphrey.com> writes:
    Hart> Well, last week I did purchase this IBM TTS, as I do
    Hart> like this eliquence type of speech.  While I am running
    Hart> Speakup through a Dec-Talk USB, I wanted to try YASR.
    Hart> While talking with Mike, an author of YASR, we could
    Hart> not get the DecTalk to run, however, with alot of
    Hart> fooling around, he got YASR talking through
    Hart> speech-dispatcher.  Major problem is that
    Hart> each-and-every line YASR reads, includes the word
    Hart> "speak" Would I have better results running an emacs
    Hart> server with YASR-and how would we set that up?  As many
    Hart> of you know, main reasons I wanted to try YASR are that
    Hart> the keyboard layout is quite similar to Vocal-Eyes--and
    Hart> Mike is willing to consider an exception dictionary.
    Hart> As far as I know only Jupiter--and maybe emacs speak
    Hart> have any exception dictionaries.  Thanks in advance for
    Hart> helpful suggestions Hart
    Hart> _______________________________________________
    Hart> Blinux-list mailing list Blinux-list at redhat.com
    Hart> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/blinux-list

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