backing up my linux system

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Mon Jun 18 14:09:37 UTC 2007

I do almost exactly the same thing for backups. I have 2 hard drives in my 
linux machine so I backup one to the other.

One of the slick things about it is that I have a Windows machine and so 
does my wife. We keep our important files on the linux machine and access 
them via samba. Then I backup our files to the other hard drive in the linux 
machine in tar.gz format. Now, here is the really slick part: Winzip can 
open and read tar.gz files. So if my wife needs to do a restore, she just 
has to double click on the tar.gz file, find the file she wants to restore, 
and double click on it.

I actually backup everything in her space everyday. It takes a heckuva lot 
of disk space though.  I don't back up everything in my space. Plus, if 
you're a more sophisticated user, you could just backup changed files. Tar 
will do that. But I just backup everything in her space every day so that 
she won't have to poke around looking for a file.

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> It isn't clear from your post what you want or to what medium you're 
> backing up (ie, a tape? Another hard disk? A remote machine?)
> I'm not sure if I'm recommending this, but I simply have a file in my home 
> directory called backup which lists names of files and directories that I 
> can't recover.  Every once in a while I run something like
> tar -cf mpgbak.tar.bz2 `cat backup`
> and copy the resulting file onto another machine where I have an account. 
> But I'm not backing up my whole drive this way; only things that I 
> consider particularly important, and I am certainly missing some things...
> Anyway, there are surely ways of doing this without using the GUI unless 
> you want to use the GUI, so I'd certainly recommend exploring whatever 
> options people have told you about and anything anyone else might suggest.
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> On Sat, 16 Jun 2007, michaelweaver wrote:
>> What would anyone suggest for backing up my Linux system which is
>> accessible with either Speakup or Orca?
>> I know when I was using Ubuntu 6 I tried using Sbackup only I could not
>> get past the first screen because speech stopped and I do not know if
>> this has improved with the latest versions of Orca although there are
>> command lines for the application.
>> Someone on the Ubuntu UK list suggested it and also suggested Ubackup.
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