Help needed frustrated first time ubuntu user.

Anders Holmberg anders at
Mon Jun 18 16:57:04 UTC 2007

I just burned an live cd with ubuntu feisty and ran it on my computer here.
And i followed the instructions.
WHen the cd spinned down i pressed f5 and pressed 3 and pressed enter 2 times.
Then the cd began to boot again and brltty came up telling me it had strtup problems due to not in text mode.
THen it didnt happened one thing.
Exept that i heard a nasty distorted sound trhough my speakers.
But no speech no braille nothing.
I had to power off my computer manually and ran windows again and i think thats the best thing to do right now.
Very dissapointed.
Doesn't linux supports the m-audio sound cards?
/Anders frustrated.
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