Ubuntu two questions.

Jürgen Dengo jyrgen.dengo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 20:27:06 UTC 2007

But in the cd.
Whait until it stops spinning in the boottime, then press f5
Then press 3 to choose the screenreader function
then press enter to boot.
The cd has to extract things so you'll have to wait abit.
Orca should automatically start.
to shutdown the system you go to system menu and quit or
go to terminal, type in sudo su
shutdown -h now
and you're out of the beast.
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Jürgen Dengo
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Ok now i have testedit a second time and still orca wont run automatically 
asi t is describe at:
However brltty works in textmode.
How can i make orca works?
How can i shutdown the system.
It seems that i am not logged in as root.
THere was a couple of years i worked with linux so i can't remind it.


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