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Start here:

This will give you the non-Javascript interface that should let
you do most things from w3m.

>>>>> "michaelweaver" == michaelweaver  <weavermicha at> writes:
    michaelweaver> Someone suggested that I should perhaps use
    michaelweaver> w3m for web browsing.  I can use Lynx for some
    michaelweaver> web pages but it does not appear to work in
    michaelweaver> Googlemail.  How do I set options in W3m?  I
    michaelweaver> have tried setting the options through both
    michaelweaver> Orca from the Gnome terminal and from a text
    michaelweaver> terminal using Speakup but I cannot seem to be
    michaelweaver> able to pick any of the options I need.  Which
    michaelweaver> ones need to be changed and how do I set the
    michaelweaver> keystrokes to other than Japaneese?
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