What's the Current Browser State of the Art Regarding Javascript?

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Fri Jun 29 15:20:40 UTC 2007

	some days, I think I just want to see if my stress
response is still there and I do something really dumb like try
to find out my Annual Leave balance or download a podcast from
the NPR web site, etc. I'll end up throwing everything in the
box at it from lynx which, when it works, is about as good as it
gets, to w3m which will handle some things lynx won't deal with.
Even elinks which I built with javascript support triggers most
nasty sites to say that javascript is not enabled. I'll get a
screen like this one under w3m:

Go to Main Content

Oklahoma State University and A&M System




            This is a secure system. Login using your Employee ID or OKey
Information account information and applicable PIN or password, then select
            Login. To Protect Your Privacy remember to EXIT and close your
            browser when finished.

Information Your browser is either not capable of running JavaScript or you
have JavaScript disabled. Using the optional OKey log in is not available
unless JavaScript is enabled. However, you may log in using your Employee ID
and PIN.

(*) Your 8-digit CWID, 9-digit SSN or 16-digit ID Card number and Web for
Employee PIN.

The w3m view does show a star at the field I need to use, but
there appears to be no way to enter anything.

Basically, lynx, elinks and w3m get to different parts of the
process and then fail in different and creative ways.

	Is there any command-line browser yet that is a
significant improvement over what has been pretty much normal
for the past few years?

	I have access to Linux and FreeBSD and both have the
usual browsers such as lynx and elinks. A word of caution to
FreeBSD users, here. There is a fork of links that appears to be
the latest version but is, in fact, based on an older version of
links. The enhancements in this what appears to be a newer
version are only valid if you use X windows and there is
actually a bug from the old code that survives so you better be
sure to get the elinks code which is still being developed. Even
so, it is only incrementally better than the old lynx as in l y n x browser.

	Basically, am I missing anything?

Thank you.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
Systems Engineer
OSU Information Technology Department Network Operations Group

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