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The thing I shall do is only to be able to telnet to my linu box over my 
home network. Since I only got 1 braille display on my windows computer and 
I want to be able to do adjustments.

I don't have the sshd package installed, I'm running debian on 1 computer, 
fedora on another.
Can I get step by step instructions for using both ssh and telnet on these 2 
boxes thanks?

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Subject: trn-and-Buffering?

> Hard to think of a complete subjectline, but I am useing trn on shellworld 
> as a single user.  At home in linux ssh to shellworld, while in trn my 
> space-bar is only active once the next group of articles are displayed in 
> an index.  If I hit the space-bar multiple times, it only acts once. 
> However, elsewhere I am useing a 2400 baud modem-and-tteraterm to telnet 
> to shellworld.  In this case running trn my space-bar must go in a buffer, 
> as it catches up much differently.  Are their some envirenment variables 
> that we need to set on shellworld or on my home linux machine so my 
> space-bar will not be limited to 1 pess?
> Looks like the most current version is 4.0.76 test.
> Thanks so much in advance
> Hart
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