accessing my linux box via telnet

Koichi INOUE inoue at
Sat May 5 09:00:42 UTC 2007


  I use UTF-8 Tera Term Pro with ttssh2, which is a successor of original Tera Term.
It is also a free software.
It works well with JAWS.

I am a Japanese user but UTF-8 Tera Term has Japanese and English
version so it may run well with 101 keybords.

  If you run it with JAWS, I recommend you to set cursor shape to
vertical bar rather than box. Then JAWS finds cursor accurately.

  It has built-in ssh support with plain password/public key
authentication. It can be used as a serial terminal emulator.
I think it can be one stop solution for UNIX terminal software for windows.

UTF-8 Tera Term

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