How early to start BRLTTY?

Rafael Skodlar raffi at
Sun May 6 18:51:33 UTC 2007


search on google resulted in this link from Dave Mielke

It simply says to start BRLTTY as soon as possible. I do not use fedora 
for my work, however, inittab is not much different in it's 
functionality in other Linux distributions. BRLTTY is just another 
process started anywhere and as long as it doesn't depend on other 
processes to be run before it, you can start it.

I found the following link also of possible interest to the reader:

Tobias Vinteus wrote:
> Hi,
> A few years ago, when was running earlier versions of both Fedora and
> BRLTTY, I could start BRLTTY already in inittab. Nowadays however, I start
> it from rc.local; that is to say, quite late in the boot process.
> Does anyone know exactly where in the init process I can stick my call to
> /usr/bin/brltty so as to start it as early as possible? I'm running Fedora
> 3.7.2-2.1.fc6.
> Thanks,
> Tobias

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