Starting Asterisk on Ubuntu

Christian christian08 at
Mon May 7 13:07:38 UTC 2007

Hi karl,
No, i havent been able to get it working. Still learning since i am trying to switch more and more to linux. Any tips on how to use an existing script?
Many thanks,

On 2007-05-05 at 11:54 Karl Wilbur wrote:

>Christian wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Does anyone know how i can start Asterisk at boot on Ubuntu?
>> Many thanks,
>> Christian
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>You can have init start it with an init script. The easiest way would most
>likely google "Asterisk init ubuntu" or some such query and get acopy 
>of that script, but you could also simply copy an existing init script and
>and modify it accordingly. Then you need to create "Start" links in 
>the runlevel directories for which you want it to start, and "Kill" links
>in all other runlevel directories.
>If this to too vague or you need more help, let me know.
>Karl Wilbur
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