Console text file viewer

Tony Baechler tony at
Wed May 23 04:36:25 UTC 2007


Please send this to me.  It's at least a good start.  I do have 
less(1) under Cygwin and I have bash(1) although it doesn't work 
right.  I'm mostly interested in using it on Linux eventually but 
something that runs on both Windows and Linux is of course 
preferable.  I'm interested in looking at it.  All I really need is 
one bookmark per file as long as it takes me to the place where I 
left off.  I just wish it would auto-scroll so I don't have to hit a 
key after every page.  I'm certainly interested in looking at it.

At 11:59 AM 5/21/07 -0400, you wrote:
>lb will do most of what you want.

Tony Baechler
Baechler Productions

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