Hello from a new member, and some questions

Matt Barnes barnes.matt at gmail.com
Sat May 26 02:53:50 UTC 2007

Oralux has a live cd that will boot and load you into emacspeak. Really nice
live cd, but can be a bit intimidating in use. Located here:

On 5/25/07, Allison Mervis <allisonfm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all!
> My name is Allison, and I am very new to the world of Linux. I read what
> seemed like the portions of the FAQ which pertain to my situation, but I
> still have some questions.
> Right now, I'm using an Acer laptop running Windows XP home SP2. What I
> would like to do is burn an image of a version of Linux bundled with a
> Screen reader onto A CD, (I think the correct term is live CD) insert it
> into the drive, restart my computer, and have Linux boot up talking. I do
> not own a hardware synth, and I understand that this limits my options. I
> then want to be able to restart the computer, and tell it to boot back up
> in
> windows. Is such a thing possible? Thanks!
> Allison
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