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Mon May 28 06:42:31 UTC 2007

Otis Blue/MidWest-Merchandise writes:
> Hi,
> I purchased a Linux business server software off of eBay a couple of days
> ago and I wanted to learn more about it before I get into it.  I want to run

Huh? What's that? And why would you find it helpful to pay money when
you can get Linux for free, preconfigured with Speakup?

No offense, but I fear you have wasted your money, hopefully not very

You can look at my Installation HOWTO to get started studying what you
need to know to use Linux with Speakup, and particularly to learn some
ways to install it. Yes, it's dated, but still quite relevent in many


If you decide to go with Fedora, wait a few days. Fedora 7 is due out
later this week.

Some other excellent options--which provide Speakup ready to
use--include Ubuntu and Debian. There are others as well.

Now if you're going to insist on trying to use that thing you bought on
Ebay--well, I don't know.


> this software from a 500gig external hard drive if it's possible.  Does
> anyone have a good resource where I can go to and read and learn more about
> how Linux works and how it can be installed onto a external drive?  Also I
> have a external Doubletalk serial speech synthesizer which should be able to
> work with Linux but I understand that I have to use it along with another
> speech software for Linux correct?  I just need some information for a
> beginner getting started with all of this.  Thanks I would really appreciate
> the help
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