Hello from a new member, and some questions

John Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Wed May 30 20:45:51 UTC 2007

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If you install grml which i think i will.
Can you run brltty or yascr on that distro?

You need to make a distinction between installing grml and  running it from 
the live CD. Once you install grml, then you can install any other  linux 
package. That would include yascr or brltty.  But the grml live CD comes 
with speakup so I doubt it comes with yascr as well.  Googling for "grml 
yascr" gave nothing of interest.

I don't really know anything about brltty either. Googling for "brltty grml" 
gave me this page:

Looks like grml supports brltty .

Minor correction to my earlier post. I said I thought the majority of blind 
computer professionals  use speakup. I meant the majority use speakup for 
their screen reader for linux as opposed to yascr or emacspeak. Obviously, 
jaws is probably much more widely used than any screen reader for linux. And 
brltty  may be more commonly used than speakup.

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