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Thu May 31 07:32:00 UTC 2007

Thank you very, very much, Tim.

I'm sorry I didn't get back to thank you sooner. My alligators started
snapping unexpectedly.

I have clipped both of your messages to my personal wiki and will definitely
use the information. Your first post is worthy of publication. I hope you
might consider doing so, along with an update for the Gursor Maker package.
I can not be the only one looking for such information. :-)

Yes, I am the same Marbux. Investigating and writing about office software
interoperability issues from a legal perspective is among my retirement
hobbies. Another is studying the evolution of telecommunications code, which
I think offers a more reliable method of studying the history of computing
than focusing on the hardware, which comes and goes without much continuity
in the historical records. I hope to publish articles on that subject in the

I mostly lurk on this list because I was stuck on Windows until I retired
and haven't yet developed enough expertise with Linux to be helpful very
often. I may never do so because my computing needs are so much less complex
since I retired. But it sure is nice to work with a far more stable

I'm currently working on persuading Mepis to play nice with a new Intel
motherboard with an Intel dual-core processor. Most of the issues I've
managed to trace point to the hardware side and an Intel/AMI BIOS that isn't
ready for Linux prime-time. I think I goofed by giving Intel another chance
after all these years will probably switch to a motherboard that supports an
AMD dual-core processor or an AMD i586 processor.

Again, thanks for the great help, Tim.

Marbux (who is still looking for the inventor of the electrical switch)

On 5/26/07, Tim Chase <blinux.list at> wrote:
> Oh...while curious about the matter, I stumbled across
> which is a cursor-editor that may obviate jumping through many of
> the hoops in my previous mail.  They have RPM and DEB packages,
> as well as the source availble, so you should be able to install
> it on your platform of choice.
> -tim
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