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Wed Nov 7 02:07:45 UTC 2007

It's another ubuntu user.  Unfortunately the help system in that form of 
Linux isn't yet very accessible.  After FireFox 3.x is released that may 

On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, William Sallander wrote:

> I'd like to use a screen reader with voice.  The screen reader would have to 
> use a speech software based engine similar to Eloquent.. I'd also like to use 
> a GUI setup similar to windows if possible.
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>>  William Sallander wrote:
>> >  Hello Listers, I'm seriously thinking about installing Linux.
>> >  I'd like to know if there is a good book or document to get started with 
>> >  such as a Linux for Dummies or something for beginners?
>> >  I have a few more things to ask but I'll just get started with this one.
>>  Hi,
>>  The problem is that "getting started" documents are usually either
>>  distribution-specific or are so general as to lack the kinds of specific
>>  information a newbie to LInux really requires in order to install and get
>>  started with Linux.
>>  So perhaps you should ask some of your other questions, as this may
>>  influence which distribution is recommended and hence which reading
>>  material could help you further.
>>  Geoff.
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