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If you really have to use a graphical user interface, then you will have to 
start with ubuntu and orca. ubuntu is a "flavor" of linux. With this 
particular flavor, you download a CD image and write it to a CD. Then you 
can boot your computer from the CD.

While you're booting your computer from the CD, you press a particular key 
sequence and then it knows to start orca when it's done booting.  Orca is a 
screen reader like jaws or window-eyes.

However, orca isn't quite as stable as jaws or window-eyes just yet. Don't 
get me wrong, those guys working on it are geniuses, IMO. But even they 
admit there's a lot of work to be done yet. It's quite usable though. Just 
don't go into it expecting it to be as good as jaws.

You can ask the google for infor about 'ubuntu orca'  and find plenty on how 
to get started. But you can also subscribe to the orca list at
orca-list at

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> I'd like to use a screen reader with voice.  The screen reader would have 
> to use a speech software based engine similar to Eloquent.. I'd also like 
> to use a GUI setup similar to windows if possible.
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>> William Sallander wrote:
>>> Hello Listers, I'm seriously thinking about installing Linux.
>>> I'd like to know if there is a good book or document to get started with 
>>> such as a Linux for Dummies or something for beginners?
>>> I have a few more things to ask but I'll just get started with this one.
>> Hi,
>> The problem is that "getting started" documents are usually either 
>> distribution-specific or are so general as to lack the kinds of specific 
>> information a newbie to LInux really requires in order to install and get 
>> started with Linux.
>> So perhaps you should ask some of your other questions, as this may 
>> influence which distribution is recommended and hence which reading 
>> material could help you further.
>> Geoff.
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