installing speakup

Daniel Dalton daniel.dalton47 at
Mon Nov 12 10:33:53 UTC 2007


Ok I want to install speakup.
I used apt-get source to get my kernel.
I then went to /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.185 I'm not sure exactly what 
the dir is called but something like that.
I entered that dir with cd.
I then typed:
cp ** /usr/src/linux
I had created the linux dir obviously.
So is what I did ok?
I heard that the kernel must be in /usr/src/linux for it to work. So 
will mine work?

Now I am trying to get the speakup files. The server seems to be down 
and I can't get them.
Could someone please send them to me or give me a link to them?
I am looking for speakup-2.0.tar or whatever it is called.

And do I just extract the tar file anywhere and run install or what ever 
from the speakup dir anywhere?
Basically I am asking where does the speakup stuff have to be extracted to?

Do I need to be good with linux to patch a kernel? Is this complicated 

And my last question:
I am using the grub bootloader. Once I have patched the kernel with 
speakup and installed it what do I do to grub?
And how do I do this?

Sorry about all the questions but I am just not sure on patching kernels 
and stuff.
All help is greatly appreciated.\


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