Can not get Matchit.vim to work. What am I Doing Wrong?

Janina Sajka janina at
Mon Nov 19 16:58:45 UTC 2007

Honestly, Martin. This doesn't sound like an accessibility issue. Seems
you know exactly what is, and isn't happening, and it seems you're able
to issue commands to the system. So, unless someone here has direct
knowledge of this particular plugin, I don't know why blinux would be
the right place to ask your question. Shouldn't you rather rely on the
help resources provided via


Martin McCormick writes:
> 	I installed the vim editor and the plugin script called
> matchit.vim in order to debug a shell script that isn't taking
> the right branch. I did the :help matchit-install command which
> gives you instructions for installing matchit.vim in one's own
> directory and all of that seemed to go perfectly. I ended up
> with a directory of ~/.vim and the subdirectories ~/.vim/doc and
> ~/.vim/plugin. The plugin directory now has matchit.vim and the
> doc directory has matchit.txt.
> 	After doing the :helptags ~/.vim/doc command, the help
> tags work and I can do, for example :help g% and see those
> instructions.
> 	The .vimrc file I use is supposed to activate matchit on
> startup and it does appear to modify vim's behavior but not the
> right way.
>rtin,  	If I go to an if statement, for instance, and hit the %
> key, absolutely nothing happens. The same is true with the g%
> command which is supposed to go in reverse. If you are at an
> endif, it should put you on the if that went with it. Again,
> nothing, so much as a beep happens.
> 	I installed vim and matchit.vim on 3 systems, one is
> FreeBSD and the rest are all Debian Linux and all are
> misbehaving in exactly the same way which tells me it's me, but
> I am not sure what I misinterpreted.
> 	I might have .vimrc set up in such a way that it is not
> working due to comflicting commands. If, for instance, the
> compatible flag is set, matchit won't work so I have
> nocompatible set. Here is the .vimrc file.
> 	If one of you has gotten this to work, I would
> appreciate any advice since it all seemed very straight-forward.
> The .vimrc file follows:
> set nocompatible
> :runtime macros/matchit.vim
> :let b:match_words = &matchpairs
> set noruler
> set tw=70
> End of .vimrc
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