Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Nov 20 15:22:49 UTC 2007

Daniel Dalton writes:
> Two more questions:
> 1. How do I locate and enter info in to fields?

Well, this need is why I personally choose the "Links and Form Fields
Are Numbered" setting for the numeric keypad in the Lynx Options screen.
And, it's the reason I gave you a lynx command with two arguments. The
second argument turns this feature on from the command line:

lynx -show_cursor -number_fields

As you've heard from others in this thread, not everyone likes this
feature, but many of us consider it absolutely indispensible. 

In essence -number_fields causes every hyperlink and/or form control to
be assigned a number sequentially. So, even before you navigate the
page, as you just listen to Speakup read it out from top to bottom, you
can spot links and form fields--because Lynx will speak a number before
voicing their text, and the numbers you hear will be sequential starting
at 1, then 2, then 3, etc.

Now that you know this, navigating with up/down arrow (or TAB/Alt+TAB)
becomes highly useful because you always and only ever land on either a
hyperlink or a form field.

*	When you land on a hyperlink, pressing Numpad 5 will read the
*	sequential number Lynx assigned to that hyperlink, plus the left
*	and right brackets that surround the number, and the first word
*	of the hyperlink. To hear this in context, press Numpad 8.

*	When you land on a form field, Numpad 5 will read the sequential
*	number and indicate the underscore char, telling you this is a
*	blank line awaiting your input.

*	Drop down boxes are a tad trickier to understand. You'll hear
*	the sequential number, followed by a second number and then some
*	phrase. The number and phrase you hear is usually 1 and some
*	value, but may be something else. It reflects whiach of several
*	choices the page author has provided as default for that drop
*	down.

	A drop down will be a limited list of things for you to choose
among. It might be a list of States of the U.S., for example. To
activate your ability to set your selection, press enter, then arrow
up/down through the list until you find the selection you want, then
press enter to lock it in. Since this literally a popup box in the
middle of other text already displayed from the page, you'll need to
learn to ignore the "background words" that Speakup will read out. These
will surround the selection option, both before and after it. Speakup
isn't given any programmatic basis to ignore background text. This is
one place where graphical browsers have an edge over Speakup and Lynx,
but a little practice will probably suffice for working with drop downs.

> 2. How do I navigate with brltty? Just with my thumb keys?

Can't help you there. Sorry. A brltty person will need to answer this


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