Tim Chase blinux.list at
Tue Nov 20 18:52:50 UTC 2007

> second argument turns this feature on from the command line:
> lynx -show_cursor -number_fields

I use these features frequently enough that it's helpful to have 
them in Lynx config file:


(I like to have both numbered, but if you just want one or the 
other, you can select your preferred variant).

I also like to use vi-keys, which can choke on text-entry fields, 
so I have the following two lines:


That way, I can skim over all fields with my h/j/k/l keys, and 
then when I get to the field I want, I use <enter> to activate 
the field.  Otherwise, I constantly end up with a string of "j" 
or "k" characters in my text-entry fields.

I tend to fly in advanced mode (rather than novice mode) using


and it's helpful to know that if you're editing a multi-line 
textbox, you can spawn an external editor.  On my Debian 
installation, that's /usr/bin/sensible-editor which happens to be 
pointed at vim, but you can customize that.

The lines from my lynxrc are in this thread where they were 
discussed previously:

Because the Lynx config-parser is a bit borked, and reads the 
/etc/lynx.cfg differently from the ~/.lynxrc, I tend to create a 
.lynx.cfg file with the settings I want and then alias "lynx" to 
"lynx -cfg=~/.lynx.cfg"  so it pulls in the settings a .lynxrc 
doesn't respect.

Hope this helps,


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