Tim Chase blinux.list at
Tue Nov 20 21:22:51 UTC 2007

>> lynx -show_cursor -number_fields
> How do I get it to automatically do that at startup of lynx?
> (What do I add to my .lynxsrc file?)

 From within Lynx, you can go to the [O]ptions menu and change the
options for both the "Show Cursor" option and the "Keypad Mode".
  Make sure you've checked the box at the top for "Save Options to
Disk", and then use the "Accept Changes" to write the options to
your ~/.lynxrc

Frustrated that not all options in the /etc/lynx.cfg file can be
controlled/overridden via the .lynxrc, I tend to use

   alias lynx='lynx -cfg=~/.lynx.cfg'

in my .bash_aliases file and then save my modified copy of
/etc/lynx.cfg as ~/.lynx.cfg

That way, I can control things like the colors, the message
timeouts, and the TEXTFIELDS_NEED_ACTIVATION setting which the
.lynxrc file doesn't give you access to.

However, if all you need are the above two items, the .lynxrc
file can control them just fine and uses the [O]ptions interface.


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