Can not get Matchit.vim to work. What am I Doing Wrong?

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Nov 21 03:51:32 UTC 2007

Janina Sajka writes:
>You're so very right about the ruler. There are other modes that can get
>one into trouble--but you have to turn them on.
>To my mind the only drawback of vim is that there's no aural way to know
>whether you're in edit mode or in command mode. I wish Speakup could
>change pitch to indicate that. I'm forever cleaning something up for
>making that mistake.

	vi doesn't tell you much either. I am forever typing
:rsomefile, wondering for an instant why it didn't show up and
then realizing I forgot to hit Escape or Control-C to get back
to Command mode. It's another one of those things that, in the
over all scheme of things, is not particularly distressing but
just something to keep in mind.

	I hope I don't make anybody mad when I say that in the
almost 30 years I have been involved with computing, the UNIX
world has made me truly optimistic about accessibility because
it brings it closer to being freely available to everyone than
any other model I have seen. It just all works so much better
than it used to.

Martin McCormick

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