USB Serial RS232 Ports and Oralux

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Nov 21 04:14:45 UTC 2007

	I installed oralux with speakup and the software speech
on a laptop in August and it works great for the most part. I
recently tried a very low-cost USB-based RS232 port converter
because the laptop does not have one and I want to be able to
use it on servers which is part of my job. For the first time, I
hit a real performance issue.

	When using ssh, the speech works perfectly but when
using the USB converter, every incoming character must preempt
the speech engine because the system goes in to that same
painfully slow spelling routine that one gets with speakup on
GRML with software speech.

	What I actually had going at the time was c-kermit's
terminal emulator so that might make a difference.

	Fortunately, I didn't buy the RS-232 converter. It is
just one we had at work so I am not out any money. I still need
to figure out something because that spelling mode could turn
someone in to an old man before his time.

	The system recognized the device as a RS-232 converter
and it technically worked in that one could periodically read
the screen in speakup and get good output, but you sure can't
listen as it comes in.

	Any suggestions?

Martin McCormick

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