USB Serial RS232 Ports and Oralux

Terry Klarich terry at
Wed Nov 21 16:17:11 UTC 2007

Hey Martin:

I use a pcmcia serial card.  It looks like a standard serial port with the old io ports and irq's.  I've had it since shortly after
I left O.S.u.  Guess that was over 10 years now.  It still works though.  I'd think one could still get one.  If you are
interested, I can get the make and model.

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 22:14:45 -0600you write:
>	I installed oralux with speakup and the software speech
>on a laptop in August and it works great for the most part. I
>recently tried a very low-cost USB-based RS232 port converter
>because the laptop does not have one and I want to be able to
>use it on servers which is part of my job. For the first time, I
>hit a real performance issue.
>	When using ssh, the speech works perfectly but when
>using the USB converter, every incoming character must preempt
>the speech engine because the system goes in to that same
>painfully slow spelling routine that one gets with speakup on
>GRML with software speech.
>	What I actually had going at the time was c-kermit's
>terminal emulator so that might make a difference.
>	Fortunately, I didn't buy the RS-232 converter. It is
>just one we had at work so I am not out any money. I still need
>to figure out something because that spelling mode could turn
>someone in to an old man before his time.
>	The system recognized the device as a RS-232 converter
>and it technically worked in that one could periodically read
>the screen in speakup and get good output, but you sure can't
>listen as it comes in.
>	Any suggestions?
>Martin McCormick
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