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Daniel Dalton daniel.dalton47 at
Thu Nov 22 21:08:01 UTC 2007


On 22/11/2007 11:01 PM, Jan and Bertil Smark Nilsson wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Nov 2007, Daniel Dalton wrote:
>> Hi,
>> What is the easiest email client to setup? I just have a console version
>> of linux.
>> Could someone please give me instructions on how  I add my pop3 account?
>> Or do you know of any documentation?
>> I am using both speakup and BRLTTY.
>> Also I am on debian.
>> Thanks.
> In my opinion, Alpine is the easiest client to set up.
> sudo apt-get install alpine
> Start it by typing
> alpine <enter>
> Set it up by typing
> m s c
> and follow the instructions.

Where do I enter my pop server stuff and user name and password. I only 
found the smtp stuff. How do I navigate the setup questions?
Thanks for your help.

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