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Daniel Dalton daniel.dalton47 at
Fri Nov 23 07:43:36 UTC 2007

On 23/11/2007 6:30 PM, Willem van der Walt wrote:
> I have already sent you an example .fetchmailrc file in one of the emails.
> Fetchmail is a separate program from alpine.  You do not configure the 
> fetchmail stuff in the alpine configuration.

Ah yes. I see it.
Is it this example?

proto pop3
username daniel
password yourpassword

To configure my gmail one could I just type:

proto pop3
username daniel.dalton47 at
password MyPassword

How do I tell it to remove messages from the pop server?
And then what about the smtp stuff do I set that up in alpine?

And how do I tell alpine to use fetch mail?

And how do I choose to use port 995 for pop and 587 for smtp?
And I also need to use ssl.

Thanks for all the help.

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