setting speakup to certain settings

Geoff Shang Geoff at
Sun Nov 25 08:53:08 UTC 2007

Daniel Dalton wrote:

> when I save the file and type:
> ./ it says:
> bash / permission denied.
> If I type it as root I get the same error.
> Any ideas?

You get this error because the script is not set to be executable.

Again, chmod is what you need to use to change this.  consult "man chmod" 
for more info.

> And once the script works how do I make it be ran when the box boots?

NOt sure if there is a definite way that you're meant to do this in Debian, 
there probably is.

Start and stop scripts are usually located in /etc/init.d with a symlink to 
the appropriate runlevel directory /etc/rcx.d (where x=-06 or S).  Read the 
init man page for more info on runlevels.

Exactly when it will run depends on which runlevel it is linked to and 
where in the order it is located.  Links starting with S are start scripts 
and are run when the system starts, assuming it reaches that runlevel. 
Links starting with K are stop or kill scripts which are run when the 
system is shut down or is rebooted, depending on the runlevel.

I have a script called /etc/init.d/ which I have symlinked to 

Note that such a script needs to run after the proc file system becomes 
available.  On my system at least this happens during the S10checkroot 

Of course, if you don't want to mess with all of this, you could simply 
have it run when you log in.   Either call it from your .bash_profile 
script or even put the commands directly into that script.


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