Problems with BRLTTY on latest Debian

Christian christian08 at
Sun Nov 25 21:22:04 UTC 2007

Hi Matthys,
Many thanks for your message.
I've installed tcl 8.4, python-pyrex and python-dev but still no luck. I installed with the older BRLTTY running and i found no errors during installation.
I am not an expert on Linux but learning!
All the best and thanks,

On 2007-11-25 at 20:50 Matthys Terblanche wrote:

>I just did more or less the same thing, but on Ubuntu 7.04
>I cant remember all the details, but if you Google for brltty 3.9 Ubuntu
>you'll hopefully find the page explaining about installing the python-Pyrex
>and python-dev  before compiling brltty.  I'm very new to Linux, but as I
>understand it, BRLTTY must be compiled with the python links included for
>orca to work with it.
>I got brltty running, but my problem is a bit different, when on the gui
>screen, I get only the message that the screen is not in text mode, so
>obviously I did not do everything correct myself, but on the terminal
>window, brltty works okay.
>hopefully it help you a bit.
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>Hi all,
>I have just installed the latest test version of Debian. Everything is
>working fine except for BRLTTY.
>I installed the latest version of BRLTTY, 3.9. I edited the
>but now i dont have any braille output. I have to use Orca. I tried
>reinstalling, but wiht the same result. Any ideas?
>Many thanks,
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