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The following really is relevant. Don't give up in disgust at the first 

When I was a kid I had a record called Sparky's Music Mix-up. Sparky had 
been studying piano and getting bored, so when a friend got a violin he 
wanted to learn that. Then a friend got a clarinet and he wanted to learn 
that. Then a friend got a trumpet and he wanted to learn that. The result 
was that he couldn't play anything.

The same is true of Linux distros. It's far less important (indeed it's 
impossible imho) to choose the best-best-best-best distro than it is to get 
a distro and learn it well. Then if you want to try another, go to its web 
site and read its documentation so you can ask intelligent questions. Every 
distro has idiosyncrasies you'll have to learn to get around, man pages 
you'll have to read, studying you'll have to do. The more you learn about a 
distro the more things will fall into place and you'll avoid questions that 
now seem necessary but later will seem babyish.

Remember too that a mailing list is a supplement, not a source. 
Documentation gives you lots more detail. This detail is irksome to go 
through but will save uncertainties later.


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