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Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Nov 28 14:44:29 UTC 2007

	When you configure a Linux kernel for your specific
system, there is a category of modules you can build which is
for multimedia devices such as TV capture cards and radio
tuners. I don't own such a card, but the process is the same
thing you go through when setting up ALSA. You end up with
another device or set of devices in /dev that are probably very
similar and in fact may even use some of the common audio and
video standard devices such as /dev/dsp and /dev/audio, etc.

	I once thought I might be involved with a project
involving Linux and video capture and was told that the system
with the TV card didn't even have to have X running on it. One
could start and stop the capture via the command line. If a
video card works that way, I would think a radio tuner should
also be accessible via the command line and the ioctl control

	You would have to buy a supported tuner card, of course,
so you would need to look at the list of modules you can build
and buy accordingly.

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